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Student Fellows (formerly Center for Leadership)

Scholarships for Student Leaders

In 2011, Franciscan University launched the Center for Leadership to raise up a new generation of leaders—leaders equipped to fulfill the vocation of the laity and transform society from within as salt and light.

Now renamed the Leadership Institute Student Fellows, this unique, three-year formation combines study, mentorship, and real-world experience to prepare Franciscan University students for lifelong Christian leadership. These students are leaders on campus, spearheading student organizations, guiding faith households, and coordinating ministries and outreaches. They bring their own interests and talents to their leadership formation as they learn how to effectively communicate, make challenging decisions, collaborate and build teams, and bring out the best in those they are leading and serving.

Your gift will provide much-needed scholarship assistance for the Franciscan University students selected to participate as Leadership Institute Student Fellows. 


Testimonies of select leadership program alumni:

“The program was the foundation of my knowledge as a leader in the workplace. It gave me a realistic view of what leadership and faith in the workplace can look like, drew me to aspirations for being the best I can be, and gave me the practical tools I still use today and the theoretical principles I live by.”

—Mason Fiascone ’16

“My education and years working as a nurse after graduating all point toward a life of service with eternity in mind. This ‘heaven perspective’ is what is taught in the leadership program through learning about virtue, how to reason, and how to discern. Now, as a wife and mother, this same vision guides me as I learn the way of Jesus in the hiddenness of the home, serving my children and husband.”

—Sierra (Prinzbach ’16) Redmond

“The readings, discussions, and fellowship helped make the concept of leadership and personal growth exciting, adding a unique and well-rounded element to my education. The leadership program played a large role in giving me the tools and practical competence to make difficult choices, do the right thing, and embrace self-sacrifice in my vocation.”

—Joe Staniszewski ’16 MBA ’17

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