Shine the Light Brighter!

We invite you to shine the light further this Giving Day, consider becoming a Giving Day Ambassador! 

  1. Enter your email address and click "Sign Up" or "Continue with Facebook." Returning Ambassadors may need to update their password.
  2. Check your inbox for a verification email, and click the confirmation button.

You and two more! 

You can receive a copy of Father Dave’s book, Hiking the Camino: 500 Miles with Jesus. If you are one of the first 100 ambassadors who:  

1.  Sign up to be an ambassador, 

2.  Make a gift to the area(s) that matter most to you, 

3.  And have at least two other people make a gift using your custom ambassador link. 

What does an official Ambassador do?

You'll receive a unique link (or make your own!) that you can direct towards the fund of your choice. 

You can share that link via text, email, or your social media networks, or in person, to encourage friends and family to give, as well as see the impact that you're making for Franciscan University as one of our ambassadors!

Thank you for your generosity and your support of our students. We could not do this without you!


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P.S. Not on social media, but still want to help? Please consider keeping Franciscan University in your prayers throughout our Giving Day!