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The Frau Professorin Engel Language Learning Café

Give to enhance the student experience in language learning in memory of the late professor Beate Engle-Doyle.

The Frau Professorin Engel Language Learning Café is a hub for language students and others to be able to further their studies in both modern and ancient languages.  One of the best ways to learn a language is to speak it, and part of Frau's vision was to have a spot on campus where students would be encouraged not only to study, but to encounter each other in their languages.  She and her husband Bob used to fund supplies for the cafe out of their own pocket, and you are invited to continue their legacy.

From the Franciscan Magazine in Winter 2022 upon the passing of Beate Engle-Doyle:

Late Night at the Cafe
The group or team with the most donors between 7pm and 9pm will get an additional $1000, the second most will get an additional $500, and the third most will get an additional $250. (Minimum gift of $20)
Rank Prize Fund Designation Donors
1 $1,000 Men's Basketball 18
2 $500 St. Michael's Scholarship 8
3 $250 Christ the Teacher Academic Building 7
4 Serra Vocations Fund 7
5 Women's Basketball 6
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